How do I know which track level I am?

A few words about the track system.  The track system is put in place by most events so that students can learn with other students who are at a similar level.  

If you have little to no experience, sign up for Beginner.  Take the first four classes on Saturday and the first two on Sunday.  This track doesn't require any knowledge. However, if you've taken Friday night classes, and one or two boot camps and know what a swing out is, you can still benefit from the classes in this track.  It is important to keep working on and refining the basics your whole dancing life.

The Intermediate Track is for those of you who have taken some regular weekly series classes, feel comfortable with your Lindy 8-count basics, swing outs, Lindy circles, etc.  Feel free to take the beginner track classes if you like to further work on and refine those basics, and also take any class marked Adv Beginner, Intermediate.

(Adv Beginner, there really isn't a track for you to sign up explicitly for, the nomenclature is provided for reference that the classes build upon each other and get more difficult as the weekend progresses)

The Masters track is intended for the more advanced dancer.  Masters Track registrants can take any of the classes during the weekend.  There are 2 two-hour Intensive sessions with Alain & Virginie that are specifically for you and one advanced class with intermediate dancers which you should take at a minimum, you can take any classes offered during the weekend.

If you are Boston area dancer, then the criterion is relatively simple.  If you are a regular advanced New School Swing student or a regular instructor, then you can go ahead and register for this track.  If you do not meet this criterion, please email us, or sign up for the Intermediate track and email us.  We will make adjustments later.  (Please note that the MastersTrack costs $30 more, so if you are moved you'll need to pay the additional amount).

If you are not from Boston but think you are in this category, please sign up for the Intermediate track and email us with the answers to the following questions:

1)  Where do you dance regularly and how often?  And how long have you been dancing?

2) Where do you take class and how often?  Who are some instructors who can vouch for your advanced skill level?

3) Do you compete?  (If so, where)  Do you perform as a part of troop? (If so, with which group)

4) Have you attended dance camp?  (If so, where and what track level were you at camp?  And how many times)

(Please note that the Masters Track costs $30 more, so if you are moved you'll need to pay the additional amount).  Why does this cost more?   Simply put, the class size is smaller for a higher teacher/student ratio.

I bought a pass and cannot make it, can I get a refund?

There are no refunds.  However, you can go to the Facebook event page and sell your pass to someone else.  Transfers of passes must be completed by April 20th and transfers of Masters track passes must be approved before the transfer is complete.

Can I pay for a class at the door?

We often sell out well in advance of our workshops and there have been long waiting lists to get in, it's probably best to register ahead of time to guarantee a spot.  Class sizes are limited in order to deliver a quality experience to participants.

How can I get to the venues?

Most venues are somewhat close to the T, see the venues page.

I am from out of town. Is there housing? How does this work?

In order for us to place you with a host, you are required to purchase a full weekend pass.  Fill out the registration form here: for housing. We will be assigning housing beginning 2-3 weeks prior to the event.

Are there any volunteer slots available?

Yes. Volunteers with weekend passes will get selected first. We will refund part of your pass for volunteering.  Please email volunteer@bostonswingcentral.org for availability.

Who runs this thing anyway?

Revival Day Weekend is organized by Boston Swing Central, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization dedicated to the preservation of the Lindy Hop and Jazz Music from the 1920's, 30's, and 40's.  

Boston Swing Central runs dances every Friday night, and is obsessed with providing the best dance experience possible.  The organization also supports numerous other dance groups through the use of its facilities, performs community outreach through several channels, and runs special events throughout the year....like Revival Day, Kind of a Big Deal, Roaring Twenties Lawn Party, Swingin' on the Charles and Dirty Water Lindy & Blues Exchange.  

More Questions? Contact us at info@bostonswingcentral.org