Dance w/ Gordon Webster Band @ Extreme Dancesport (Cambridge)

    8pm-9pm  Beginner Lesson
    9pm-10:30pm Gordon Webster
    10:30-11:15pm Strictly Prelims (if needed)
    11:15pm-12:30am Gordon Webster


Workshops @ Fletcher Maynard Academy

1. You Gotta Start Somewhere (Beginner)  (11:00am-noon)
Lindy Basics with Cari and Edgar from Boston Lindy Hop. They will go over the Lindy Basics. And, if you've had the basics before, don't worry, there will be plenty of great insights for those that already think they know the basics.

2. Keep It Rolling (Beginner)  (noon-1:00pm)
- Refining the Basics, secrets of the basics, what is connection and how do I get it?  What is dancing with momentum and energy, etc. (Cari and Edgar)

3. Charleston 102 (Beginner/Adv Beginner) (1:15pm-2:15pm)
- Intro to Charleston Basics, plus some more fun Charleston vocabulary (Cari and Andrew)

4. Putting It All Together (Beginner/Adv Beg/Intermediate) (2:30pm-3:30pm)
- Take your basics and really shine with some fun sequences (Virginie & Alain)

5. I Got Rhythm (Intermediate/Advanced) (3:45pm-4:45pm)
- Exploring the pulse in your body to make your dancing swing (Virginie & Alain)

Workshops @ Cambridgeport School

1. Masters Class (noon-2pm w/ Virginie & Alain)

Dance w/ Gordon Webster @ St. James Armenian Church (Watertown)

8:00-9:00pm  Beginner Lesson
9:00-10:00pm Gordon Webster 
10:00-10:05pm The 8:30 ACT Performance
10:05-10:15pm Strictly Finals
10:15-11:00pm Gordon Webster
11:00- 11:20pm Hallelujah, It's a Solo Competition
11:30-12:20pm Gordon Webster


Workshops @Fletcher-Maynard Academy

1. Moth(er) Radio Hour (all levels & your mom) (noon-1:15pm)
- Inspired by the Moth Radio Hour on NPR, this is a special panel discussion with Lindy Hoppers telling some fun and insightful stories which will inspire and inform you.  This is free for your Mom, and free for anyone who registers for at least one class.  So come one and come all and bring your Mom to this one and the next class...

2. Virginie's Uplift Mojo Solo Party! (all levels & your mom) (1:30-2:30pm)
- You've begun your lovely Sunday by easing into it and hearing some great stories, now it's time to rise up and work it, this is also free for your Mom, so Mom can experience a little of what it's all about.  Virginie's solo movement classes are not to be missed, this is how we infuse you with style and how you discover movement you never thought possible.

3. Put a  Bird on It (Int/Adv) (2:45-3:45pm)
- Make your dancing shine with some footwork and other variations (Virginie & Alain)

4. Masters Class (4:00-6:00pm w/ Virginie & Alain)